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Renewed Essentials Bee Vapour – for cough & cold symptoms

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The essential oils in Bee Vapour create a cooling sensation in your nasal passages that trigger receptors in your brain to feel like you’re breathing more openly.  Another benefit of some of the essentials oils, camphor and eucalyptus, are recognized as cough suppressants, while the added Clove oil is recognized to aid in strengthening the immune system.  May improve sleep quality during times of congestion.


Additional Information

Follow these steps to maximize effectiveness for cold symptoms:

Rub a layer of Bee Vapour on your chest and neck only. Don’t use it near your mouth or in your nostrils.  Loosen any clothing around your chest and throat so vapors can rise to your nose area.  Repeat, if needed, up to three times in 24 hours.

Not recommended if your cough has lots of phlegm or if it’s chronic, such as with asthma or emphysema.



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Reviews for Renewed Essentials

0 Reviews | Write a Review