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3D Printernational Creatbot D600 Pro Industrial Professional Dual Extruder 3D Printer

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CREATBOT D600 Pro Industrial 3D Printer

CreatBot D600 PRO made its debut in 2016, a fully enclosed printer with huge volume printing capabilities, continuously upgraded twice per year since launch with CreatBot’s most advanced technologies. It is capable of printing very large models with PLA, ABS, PETG, and Carbon Fiber.

The CreatBot D600 was in deep development until 2018, It is capable of printing with high-performance materials such as Carbon Fiber Mixing, Nylon, PC, and more making it a perfect printer for industrial applications and large industries bringing large-scale additive manufacturing to a more affordable level.

Additional Information

High Print Temperature Up To 420°C
CreatBot D600 Pro is equipped with 4th generation 1.75mm dual extruders and hot-ends, Made from Martensite Steel, and capable of high-temperature printing.
Exceptional Dual Extrusion
The left extruder is equipped with a 260C hot-end for materials such as PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Flexible, etc and the Right is a Martensite Steel for high-performance materials, The Dual Hot-End is replaceable which provides more application possibilities.
High Precision, High Capacity Printing
0.5mm accuracy on even the biggest and most complex prints while maintaining 200MM/S printing speed.
Large Build Size 600x600x600
Creatbot D600 Pro can Combine exceptional print quality with industrial size to scale production without compromising on end products quality
Power Outage Save & Filament Detection
CreatBot D600 / D600 PRO will automatically detect a power outage and or filament-end and stop the printing process to resume it when power is restored.
Durable Metal Chassis
The whole-steel frame ensures stability when printing and also greatly extends the usage period. The structure makes CreatBot D600 a sustainable and reliant workhorse. The first batch of CreatBot D600 3D Printers has been working for 9 years and more than 30000 hours.
Fully Enclosed
Creatbot D600 Pro is equipped with a Fully Enclosed Chamber that blocks all external interference and reduces noise.
Touch Screen
An all-English-menu touch screen that is easy to operate and very user-friendly. With Many One key Shortcuts for preheating, printing, and more

Hot Air Chamber (Up to 70C)
Hot Air Chamber can provide constant room temperature to prevent model warping.
Filament Drying Chamber
To keep your nylon and other hydrophilic filaments nice and cozy and ready to print without worrying about material deterioration.
BuildTak Platform
Creatbot D600 Pro comes with a heated building platform made of glass and BuildTak adhesives
Automatic Platform Level
25 control points that check the setting of the building platform and level it automatically and ensure print stability even on the largest prints.


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Reviews for 3D Printernational

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