Welcome to Gotoshi

Gotoshi is a Bitcoin-first marketplace for purchasing goods, such as home essentials, from select stores that accept Bitcoin. When you shop using Bitcoin on Gotoshi, the vendor is paid in Bitcoin, helping foster the growth of Bitcoin’s circular economy. And, as a reward for supporting Bitcoin enabled stores, we will send you back 3% of your purchase value, in Bitcoin, after each transaction – even if you pay in fiat. 

We believe customers care about quality, affordability, swift delivery, and exceptional service. That’s why we choose our vendors not just for their enthusiasm for Bitcoin, but for their commitment to these values.

With all products shipped directly from the vendor within Canada, you can expect quick delivery times—typically just a few days. Gotoshi offers a safe and convenient shopping experience, with a growing selection of essential items, all while contributing to a hyper Bitcoinized future.

Our Mission

Gotoshi’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin in everyday trade and commerce. Drawing inspiration from burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystems like Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador and Mossel Bay (Bitcoin Ekasi) in South Africa, our goal is to facilitate a Bitcoin circular economy here in Canada. 

We view Bitcoin as an exciting experiment, one that carries the potential to shape a more balanced, decentralized, and sustainable financial future. To achieve this ideal, we believe Bitcoin must see greater use in the purchase and sale of real goods. It is towards this objective that we created Gotoshi.

About Us

Gotoshi was started by Cliff Peskin (@cliffpeskin) and Shah “Laserman” Kazmi (@Laserman_21). Cliff, having recently sold his prior company, Livabl, to the private equity-backed firm Zonda, was seeking to contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem when he met Shah in a Toronto Bitcoin Telegram group. 

Shah had been operating a logistics company and had recently left to focus on a Bitcoin education initiative. The two met for coffee at the Yorkdale Shopping Mall in January 2023 and from there they set out to build Gotoshi.

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